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These cylinder shaped  inflatable bags can be filled with water. This creates an unstable and unpredictable weight mass. The Aquabags® come in three different sizes to ensure that there is always a size that fits your needs. The unstable water mass that flows through the Aquabags® helps you gain stability, strength and core power. It not only triggers the larger muscle groups but more importantly the smaller stabilising muscle groups. 


There are multiple grips attached to the Aquabags® which allow for a wide variety of exercises. They can be used by people who just started training to improve motor learning but also by the most advanced athletes to challenge their coordination and supplement their training. For every level there are exercises that will fit their needs.

Aquabags® are made out of hight quality material which makes them also suitable for outdoor uses. Due to the comfortable materials of the Aquabags® you don’t have to worry about bruises and they can be handled roughly. The filling system on the Aquabags® is durable and allows you to easily add or release water in daily practice.


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