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As a sport teacher, trainer or coach you have an exceptional potential to create value for all people, as well as for yourself. You are a source of human capital and commitment. MoveQ will help you activate this potential. We believe that sport enriches life and that you can play a prominent role. We want to support your professionalism with attention to the well-being of all people.

“Sport has the power to change the world “ Nelson Mandela.

Our Education distinctly upgrades you skills and  

  • Focuses on your success and progress

  • Makes your students learn faster 

  • Provides a unique experience and networking opportunity

  • Is based on the latest scientific findings

  • Gives you new insights and practical skills

Workshop - Inspiration

For sport teachers, trainers & coaches.

Learn how to develop motor & cognitive competences and implement cross-over training as a base for technical development for children and young people.

  • 4 hours workshop incl. one-hour break

  • Time: 10-15

  • The workshop is for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 participants

  • Price: € 125 per person

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • create much joy with an inviting environment and very few materials

  • develop simple exercises into more challenging exercises

  • integrate playful elements to increase fun and social interaction

  • develop motor skills more effectively in a creative way

Does it appeal to you?

This one-day workshop is aimed at dynamic sport teachers, trainers and coaches who regard joy and motor performance as an important foundation for the development of children and young people. You get practical tools and insights to increase the quality and success of your teaching. It is an inspiring workout with loads of energy.

Workshop - Sportspecific

For trainers & coaches

Learn how to improve the body functionality of your athletes / clients with sport specific exercises that makes them move in all three planes of motion (3D) with an increasing number of motor challenges. You get tools and insights how to continuously train different chains with different types of resistance and a large degree of variation. That makes it more fun for both the athletes / client and for you. It will have an immediate impact on the results you get with your athletes / clients as improved functionality will elevate their technical progress.

This is expected to have positive long-term effects on movement economy and the storage of motor skill patterns which both can contribute to long term injury prevention, it can accelerate motor learning and increase the joy of movement and healthy lifestyle for life.



Level 1

Learn the fundamentals of 3D functional training for children, youth and adults. You will acquire the tools you need and plenty of exercises to get you started for successful use with your athletes / clients.

The content of this course is based on the latest scientific findings.

Level 2

Learn how to achieve and optimise full body and mind synchronisation. You will learn all you need to condition your clients with authentic movements for health, fitness and sport.

This course enables you to further boost your clients’ motor learning and give them more control over their actions.

Level 3

This level will offer 3 specialised courses

  • 3D Functional Sport

  • 3D Functional Fitness

  • 3D Functional Health

Become a Master in your niche and teach coaches how to add functional layers to their training.


We learned, e.g., how to combine cognitive and motor tasks, to keep the training fun and how to keep our children continuously in the stretch zone.

Tom Stam -

National Dutch Golf Federation Coach.

We learned a lot about creating motor conditions as a starting point for technical progress, developing adaptiveness and the application of implicit learning.

Wiebe Giesen -

Dutch Golf Pro 2015

Full insight into the what, when, how and why of kids’ cognitive and motor skill practice. After this course I have a much bigger understanding of how to approach training for kids.

Anders Carbonnier -

3D Movement Specialist