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3D padelfit

On request with World Padel Tour Player Uriël Maarsen, UM Padel Academy and Leonardo Snelleman


3d padelfit

Increase the fun factor. Make your body work for you as the starting point for technical progress

Padel teachers experience many differences in level among their pupils. Usually the main focus is simply to improve the technical level. Little or no attention is paid to the efficient performance of the body itself, which has a direct influence on your technical development and the level of your game. With MoveQ you learn how to overcome your limitations.

We focus on padel specific three-dimensional (3D) movements as padel has some very unique sport specific requirements. We continuously train different chains with different types of resistance and a significant degree of variation, which makes the training challenging and a lot of fun. It also helps to create more synchronicity of movement and reduces the chances of getting injured.





MoveQ is so much fun, you quickly forget that you are practicing. But do not underestimate the movement challenges. You get sweaty from the continuous interaction between the muscles and the brain.

Viktor Walfridsson - Publisher

 Thank you Leonardo Snelleman, you're a genius. Thanks for all your advice.

Sylvain Gimenez -

Tennis & Padel Coach

The training is varied and never dull. By adding a sport specific approach (in my case padel) and cognitive stimulus you are training the unconscious brain as well.

Marcel Bogaart -


MoveQ Foundation 

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