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It is of crucial importance for any professional athlete to stay healthy and injury free. Today far too many of them are focusing on performance. We strongly believe that focusing more on injury prevention will be far more rewarding, increasing performance and prolonging many careers. Roger Federer and his team take rejuvenation seriously. He is a brilliant example of how "Less is more".

Developing sport specific movement beyond your present limits gives you a safety net and protection in any situation you are likely to face. Only when your body can use its moving abilities effectively in all three dimensions, it is possible to perform at the highest level.

Each body is shaped differently and has different ways to absorb energy and shock from the ground. So obviously your training will look different from that of others. You will improve robustness of movement.

You’ll be able to move beyond your limits with the information you’ll be provided with.

Studies have shown that athletes in closed skill sports like golf are less adaptive to extreme situations than open skill athletes. The stress imposed on the body from repetitive movements makes you more receptive to self-inflicted injuries.

That is why it is even more beneficial for you to incorporate three dimensional (3D) mobility and strength training with different types of resistance and a large degree of variation. This builds elastic qualities in body and mind (neuroplasticity) and accelerates skills acquisition.

Importantly, it increases the fun factor too.

How do we select prospects and athletes? We are looking for a humble attitude, the desire to succeed and a strong intrinsic motivation.


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Leonardo has added a new dimension to my training. I love the cognitive challenges he provides in the movements that often combine coordination, balance, dynamic stability, mobility and strength in one single exercise. I can now box with more creativity, adaptability, elasticity and speed which gives me more strike power.

Artjom Kasparian -

Dutch Champion Boxing 81 kg x3

3D BoardFit training is intense yet very playful. It's varied and does not feel like training which makes it great fun. At the same time, becoming stronger and controlling my movements better in extreme situations has made me feel like mastering the elements, not the opposite. Oh... I forgot... expect some muscle pain at the start and less injuries.

Maaike Huvermann -

PWA Vice World Champion

Training with Leonardo has been extremely beneficial for me. It has helped me maximise my athleticism, improving my elastic qualities and mobility in ways that directly carry over to the football field.

Daude Van Kust -

Professional Footballer Villarreal

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