3D golffit

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3d Golffit

"Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated" Arnold Palmer

To improve the functions of your body, it is essential to train all movements relevant to golf in all three dimensions (3D) of motion We continuously train different chains with different types of resistance and a large degree of variation, which makes the training challenging and a lot of fun. That is our expertise.

We help golfers reach their full potential from beginner to professional, irrespective of their current level. We don't provide training in golfing techniques, though: we leave that up to the golf pro. He will be pleased because your technique will improve at a much faster pace because our program will give you better functionality and mobility.


The secret? It all starts with movement.



MoveQ is so much fun, you quickly forget that you are practicing. But do not underestimate the movement challenges. You get sweaty from the continuous interaction between the muscles and the brain.

Viktor Walfridsson - Publisher

Leonardo is a master of motivation and he has taught me to understand my body and train it intelligently for longevity. I have gotten addicted to the adaptability in our training.

Martin Ekdahl -


There is more than one thing I love about MoveQ. It's a full body workout that keeps me looking feminine and is so beneficial to my health. The more I do it - the better I feel, which was not the case with traditional fitness training.

Sarah Göransson -

Elite Models

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