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NEWS RELEASE: 3D Movement and Performance specialist Launches a New Three-Dimensional Movement Platf

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Rotterdam, 11th August 2021

MoveQ and its Foundation MoveQ has launched a new redesigned platform with one goal in mind: to make working out more fun, realistic and accessible for people of all ages and physical conditions.

As founder of MoveQ, Leonardo Snelleman is the Former Coach in the ATP & WTA Tour, ITF Tennis Expert and Junior National Tennis Coach in several Scandinavian countries. MoveQ offers three-dimensional (3D) programmes for every age group and ability. Using years of experience and expertise, the workout programmes develop whole body synchronisation with the help of 3D functional movement training. Sessions start at €12 per person and are suitable for people of all ages and different competences.

3D functional training is a concept where the body is conditioned to move through multiple planes of motion such as sideways, forwards & backwards and in rotation in varied hights (axes). This is the key to developing full body synchronisation which can only be acquired with genuine movements. Research supports the fact that varied movement helps enhances body functionality and reduces potential injury (injury mitigation). The programmes take place at the MoveQ LAB in Zwartewaalstraat 40, 3081 HZ Rotterdam, outdoor or on location.

Apart from the programmes taking place at the MoveQ LAB, MoveQ also organises “clinics” on request for team building activities, corporate consultancy, trainer education, treatments, as well as programmes for disadvantaged via the MoveQ Foundation.

Leonardo Snelleman, creator of MoveQ said:

“The world’s population has become more sedentary and stressed than ever. That lack of varied movement is mirrored in decreasing physical abilities and general health. This ignited my motivation to create MoveQ. I aspire to make the world a little better with my playful and holistic approach to movement training.

After one year and a half of stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic, there’s never been a better time for people to take positive steps to look after their wellbeing with the help of movement challenges”

The new MoveQ platform is now live at and a free consultancy is offered to anyone looking to start a new programme.

For more information, please visit

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