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3d mammafit

Avoid pelvic floor disfunctions, get fit for delivery and recover faster after delivery  

Avoid pelvic floor dysfunctions, get fit for delivery and recover faster after delivery

Some mums suffer from shifted abdominal muscles and pelvic instability before and after delivery. This can lead to pain in the hips and lower back, incontinence and other issues. With lots of myths about training and pregnancy making the rounds, it is no wonder that many woman are uncertain about what and what not to train and why.

Besides providing some clarity in these matters, it is our goal to give you energetic, engaging, fun and challenging sessions. Homework is part of making this into your own success story. It is pregnancy training simplified.

The main focus is on functional training of your core and the pelvic floor in order to reduce the chance of pelvic instability. This will prepare you for an optimal birth with less risk of complications and a shorter recovery period after delivery.

3D MammaFit improves your energy level, mobility, balance, strength. It has a positive impact on your overall health, fitness and wellness and it prepares you for all the tasks you'll face every day.



Our 3D MammaFit program kicks off in January 2020. Make sure to tune in regularly and be ready to register to secure your place.

Locations: To be decided.

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