3D tennisfit

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3d Tennisfit

Make your body work for you. Increase your athleticism and effectiveness on court.

Tennis coaches experience many differences in level and playing styles among their players. Only the most dedicated players take the time to develop the movement and fitness skills to complement their playing style and to reach their full potential. Are you one of them?

Efficient performance of your body has a direct impact on the ability to move on court which again has a direct influence on your adaptive abilities. You'll learn how to overcome your limitations.

We focus on tennis specific three-dimensional (3D) movements, continuously training different chains with different types of resistance and a significant degree of variation, which makes the training challenging and a lot of fun. It also helps create more synchronicity of movement and reduces the chances of getting injured.





I am forever grateful for the training and advice Leonardo provided with great passion. It took me from no ranking to World No. 6 in jr. singles and World No. 1 in jr. doubles, partnering with Cara Black. He allowed for a smooth transition from junior to professional on the WTA tour.

Irina Selyutina -

Former WTA Professional

I have become addicted to the variability and high level of focus in our training. 3D TennisFit has improved my tennis game more than I thought was possible.

Stefan Larsson -


​"Thank you very much for your input in Valery. He said it was the best experience he had in his life: The very personal connection you created with my boy, touched me more than I can express". On behalf of Valery Kornilov 17 yrs. (former top four tennis junior in Russia)

Yana Kornilova -

Mother & Entrepreneur